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Pharmacy design

A well-executed pharmacy storage can bring forth a new life into a hospital by reducing patient waiting time, through error free medicine retrieval and dispensing. Through our expertise in designing and building unique pharmacies, we make sure your pharmacy stands out and works smoothly even during the most demanding time. Whether you’re redesigning your current space or building from the ground up, Biostream Medical Systems can give you a workspace that maximizes productivity, efficiency and ergonomics.

Pharmacy Design Image

Drawer Image


The drawers are made with ABS plastic and co polymer plastic, they can help in achieving high density storage using the dividers. Using dividers you can adjust the space allotted for stored medicine in each drawer. This enables you to store the tablets, vials and injections in a dust free environment and can be accessed quickly to retrieve the medicines. Cutting strips, however small can be stored without any loss.

Drawer System Image

Drawer System

Sourced from highly reputed manufacturers in Taiwan, drawers cabinets are made of pre-treated steel with powder coating .Drawers are made of ABS plastic with front transparent window to see what is inside and with unique labeling provision. The drawers are anti drop with simple , maintenance free sliding system .Different size drawers available to suit any type of pharmacy in OP ,IP ,OT ,ICU and bulk storage.

Sliding Door cabinet Image

Sliding Door cabinet

Made of pre-treated steel SPCC ,powder coated with easy sliding glass doors. The doors are lockable and the shelves are adjustable . You can keep all type of syrups ,fluids, tins and other packets for display.

Shelving Unit Image

Shelving Unit

Shelving units are manufactured at state of art manufacturing facility in India , exported all over the world .Most economic, they are suited for large pharmacies where volumes are very high . They can be adapted to most colour combination of interior colour planning.

Work table for Pharmacist Image

Work table for Pharmacist

Preparing and labeling medicines for dispensing is a demanding task for a pharmacist that should be handled with care and should be done in an efficient work space .Our table designed for pharmacist ensure that best dispensing practices are followed while managing a pharmacy.

Unique design features of our table

  1. Specific storage areas for packaging material of medicines
  2. Unique Storage space for high volume / large size/ heavy items
  3. Ergonomic design with stainless steel toping

Narcotics Cabinet Image

Narcotics Cabinet

Constructed of high quality CRCA steel with optional bins and lockable doors, our narcotics cabinet ensures that the narcotics and medications at your hospital are securely locked and meet the standards as per the drug storage requirements.